1393980404Krista participated in an speaker panel for our young professionals event as a life hack expert. Krista was lively, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. She gave tried and true business advice from the heart in a way that kept the audience engaged and wanting more.” 
-Jasmine Freeman, Vegas Young Professionals Group  


1366823110I am a charismatic and enthusiastic speaker with the ability to connect to diverse audiences. My vulnerability and authenticity on the topic of entrepreneurism are what set me apart from other speakers. Through my story, I empower aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and inspire established entrepreneurs to become leaders among leaders.

If you looked up awesome in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Krista. 
She was so amazing to work with, and I have to work with a lot of different people at hundreds of events/associations. 
She comes out on top!” 
-Scott Stratten, Unmarketing