Writing a book is much like having a baby. When you decide to do it you’re sure that it is a great idea filled with hope and joy. Then you get into the reality of the process and it’s ugly, uncomfortable, and far more intense than you ever imagined. There is nothing anyone can tell you about the process to fully prepare you and the process itself is deeply personal for each individual. A funny thing happens the day after you finish your first book. Much like those first jubilant moments after delivering a baby you forget the pain to focus on what is, of course, a beautiful baby. Nothing is more perfect. Nothing is more brilliant. In spite of exhaustion this new creation is all that you want to talk about. And with that, I announce that I have given birth to a beautiful new baby book! 


Restaurant Social Media Unicorn: Be Known & Make Money is my step by step magical social media system for Chefs and Restaurateurs based on my clients who had all varieties of restaurants. From Snapchat to Facebook targeted ads I take restaurant owners through each platform and how my team and I use it to raise brand awareness and generate revenue. With current information that includes the Periscope live streaming update, the most current strategies for promoting content on Instagram, and the proven strategies that my team and I are using every day to help our restaurants achieve measurable success on social media. The great news is that yes, the book was written for restaurants, but these real life proven strategies work for most small businesses.

Which brings me to my second big announcement! I am thrilled to announce that I have created Social Media Unicorn to work exclusively with restaurants and luxury brands on social media strategy. Along with the incredibly talented Kate O’Neil (@SocialKateLV), we are leading the Social Media Unicorn team, creating custom social media experiences using emerging technology and lean techniques that create results. After eight years as an educator, Kate is actually Dr. Kate with her doctorate in English. Yup, the person drafting your tweets has a doctorate. At least you know spelling and grammar won’t be issues.

Finally, I am really excited to share that I will be sharing a daily social media tip on my YouTube channel every day during the month of October. Yup, you get 31 days of tips that you can start using each day to grow your brand and generate revenue for your business. Make sure you subscribe here and check in each day at 1PM (PST) as I share a quick tip. If you have any specific social media questions don’t hesitate to tweet them to me or email me. I’ll be sure to include them!


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