My best friend from Canada, the unstoppable Katharina Hueggenberg, has been visiting me in downtown Las Vegas for the first time over the last week.  Part of her visit has been experiencing all of my favorite places: checking in at Gold Spike, sunning at the Ogden pool, and enjoying all of the delicious food at restaurants like eat.  On Saturday we heard about the ridiculous 40-80% off sale at my favorite boutique in downtown, the ever eclectic, always inspired coterie.  I love this retail gem located in the heart of the Fremont East district in a former check cashing spot and was thrilled to see that it recently went through a much needed expansion to be able to offer even more of their unique items. This divine boutique is the perfect place to find a unique t shirt from one of the Downtown Project businesses as a souvenir, to splurge on a great ensemble for a special event, or just to find a fabulous accessory.  I love that you can find pieces for $20 all the way up to luxury pieces that go into the hundreds of dollars, but each carefully curated to ensure beautiful manufacturing and maximum style.


Count on my best friend to find the perfect dress right there on the coterie rack.  This beautiful Bailey44 dress in a delicious stretchy cotton with stripes going in all the right directions was absolutely perfect.  Cinching in my waist, emphasizing my curves, and as comfortable as a well worn t shirt, it demanded a ladies night out.  So we did just that!  A charity date auction with delicious wine surrounded by three of my favorite friends was just what Saturday night demanded and it was absolutely perfect. When you look great, you feel great and great things happen.  All the more reason to get on in to coterie to find your perfect piece!