Monster Products has been around for over 35 years and the head monster, Noel Lee, is keen on coaching young entrepreneurs. We recently had the chance to sit down and chat at the launch of Monster Product’s new Superstar Backfloat Speaker party at Liquid Lounge at the Aria on the fabulous Las Vegas strip. At a retail price just under $150, this blue tooth wireless speaker is one of the most innovative, durable pieces of speaker tech that I have had the opportunity to experience. The night before our interview I tested mine in the bath tub with my two little girls and it could easily handle bubbles while playing even the most thumping bass in a song. The water dance (where the water dances off the speaker) is plenty of entertainment. The product is excellent and I can’t recommend it highly enough, but I didn’t want to ask this entrepreneurial father about his product. Instead, I was most interested on his advice for moms who are raising entrepreneurial children. It was a topic he is equally passionate about and his insight was inspiring.

Noel said, “We want them to focus on school, engineering, arts, sciences, because not everybody can be a DJ, not everybody can dribble a basketball, and make money at it. Look at, for all the moms out there we have to be part of (I’m a geeky engineer and the son of immigrant parents. My parents sent me to school on no money. When I graduated I was an engineer, but I designed the coolest stuff. Cables, headphones, all the Beats by Dr. Dre products, I met the coolest people and now we have the coolest stuff for kids too. We have the In Tune line that we designed with Nick Cannon that are in the Wal Mart stores and moms love
them because you can’t break them.”

He continued, “First, it is about innovation. If I was a mom today with kids I would teach them to be creative, to be innovative, to stick out from the crowd. Our mantra is always lead, never follow. Every step has been about innovation. Never do the same thing someone else did.”

Reminiscing, he says, “I wish I could be that young again. Kids today have more opportunity to do well and strike out on their own to do something really creative. Moms you need to be encouraging creative thinking, but also encourage education. Stay in school and make good choices. Go for your dreams, but learn what you can in education. Moms need to encourage kids not to forget their education. Kids don’t know how hard moms are working. Your kids will love you later for being disciplined with them later. Listen to you mom!”