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My dear friend and one of the most talented makeup artists I know, Tazia Farmer, recently helped launch the Hourglass Cosmetics line at Nordstrom Fashion Show in Las Vegas. Being a product junkie and beauty enthusiast, I had to try it out one early Friday morning. Hourglass Cosmetics was founded in 2004 by beauty industry veteran Carisa Janes. Carisa came from the Urban Decay line and had seen it all in the beauty world. Founded with a commitment to reinventing luxury cosmetics, Hourglass has carved a niche for itself as an innovative beauty brand and can be found in all of your finer department stores. Hourglass exists at the revolutionary intersection of science, beauty and luxury. But, what does that mean for your face? Well let me show you! 

It began promptly at 10AM, with a tight schedule and an insistence that it last a full 16 hours, which was the day that I had ahead of me. Tazia shared that the science behind the Hourglass Cosmetics line is what makes it a standout and that the foundation she used on me took over four years just to create. Using a soft kabuki brush to work the foundation into my skin, it dried to a perfect finish without feeling like a heavy cake. Normally a MAC girl devoted to the last trends and glitter- lots and lots of glitter- I was a little disappointed that they only had one eye liner and one mascara. “The idea is timeless, classic beauty that keeps it simple,” Tazia shared. Simple. Ugh. I believe I rolled my eyes. I wanted flashy glitter and striking beauty, so I prepared myself to embrace simple. Then she pulled out the ambient lighting collection. The most beautiful highlighters and shimmers that reminded me of the most perfect tan I’d ever had. OK, maybe simple would be beautiful. 

Tazia walked me through each of the products and used the most incredibly soft brushes. It felt like kisses on my face as she created a look that would take me through client meetings and into a music festival. I held my breath, preparing myself for what simple, timeless, and classic were going to look like on my face, unsure that I would be able to find room in my beauty heart for this new addition. Finally, it was time for the big reveal. AND…. I LOVED IT. I’m not just saying that because I love Tazia. Proof? I BOUGHT the Kabuki brush. The eyes were still beautiful, the ambient lighting magic she dusted on my face made me look naturally beautiful, and I didn’t miss the crazy colors and glitter of MAC. Granted, when it’s Gay Pride parade time I’ll probably be dusting that all over myself, but I could totally see myself using Hourglass Cosmetics for everyday, when I want to be beautifully me. 

Alright, and how much did Hourglass Cosmetics or Tazia pay me to say all of this? Nothing. Nada. Not a free lipstick. Just my honest to goodness, I wasn’t so sure I was going to like it, opinion. How did it hold up? Here’s Kate and I at Life is Beautiful Music Festival after six solid hours in the hot Las Vegas (104 degrees plus humidity) sun. Didn’t melt, didn’t cake off, held up perfectly. The next day I had another day at the festival and I was a little sad with my other foundation because it left me feeling cakey by comparison.

​Give it a try yourself by calling your local Nordstrom to schedule a free makeover at the Hourglass Cosmetics counter.


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