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Today I bring you luxury Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank. When I think of luxury Christmas gifts I instantly think commas and, as a startup entrepreneur, commas aren’t what my holiday gifting budget looks like. However, I’d like my luxury gifts to look like they weren’t held back by my bank account. Here are my favorite luxury brands that will leave you looking like a gifting rockstar:

Taylor Morgan: Hand crafted stunning pieces only done with real stones in white and yellow gold without the $1,000 price tag? Why yes, yes please indeed. Taylor Morgan is a boutique jewelry designer who names each piece for one of her beloved friends. Her attention to detail is incredible and knowing your recipient will have a unique piece that everyone won’t be wearing will be a luxury gifting win. My personal favorite: check out the signature “Morgan” in yellow gold with black diamonds. So chic! Shop Morgan Taylor Jewelry Krista Whitley Las Vegas Keepin Up With Krista

JAWline: Flattering, couture inspired frocks and rompers in bright colors that are in the $100-$200 range, but look like you spent 5x that? Where has this designer been my entire curvy life? I discovered JAWline at an event in Beverly Hills and was shocked when I went online to discover how affordable her creations are. The luxury fashionista in your world is going to thank you.

Paper Source: One holiday when I was single and totally broke I spent my holiday budget on beautiful stationary. I wrote out heartfelt notes of appreciation for everyone in my world, which were a tremendous hit. It is entirely true that the sentiment behind your gift matters just as much as the “thing” you are giving. Paper Source is my favorite spot for incredible hand made cards, unique gifts, and fabulous unicorn items.

Jord Wood Watches: I couldn’t resist. Yes, I am including them in both of my holiday gifting blogs because I adore them. I recently received the Delmar and it is beyond bad ass, which is why I totally did the bad ass mommy pose in this photo. For less than $200 you are going to be gifting a better quality and more unique time piece than any box store. PLUS It’s bonus time! I have a limited quantity of $25 gift cards to give you for FREE! Click HERE to get yours. Jord Wood Watches Krista Whitley Las Vegas Vegas Christmas Holiday

Happy Holidays everyone! 

*Full disclosure: I did receive a free Jord watch to give my candid opinion, which is that I adore their products. As for everyone else, I just adore them.



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Favorite Products

My gift to you this holiday season is five perfect gifts for the person who has everything. Just in time for you to realize that it is 10 days away from Christmas and perfectly timed to ensure that you can order today with rush shipping for arrival under the tree, here is my list of five gifts for the person who has everything.

  1. Monster Products: Anything Monster Products. Why? For the entrepreneur in your world they will love the inspiring story of founder Noel Lee’s experience getting left behind in the Beats by Dre deal. For the mommy in your world, she will appreciate the feminine styling and stunning beauty of the DiamondZ in rose gold. For the tween or teen in your world the bright N-Tune headphones are the perfect price point and come in colors guaranteed to please. The athlete in your world is going to fall in love with the iSport SuperSlim Wireless headphones that make even my toughest sweat session a breeze. 
  2. Monster Products Krista Whitley Keepin Up With KristaJord Wood Watches: Anything Jord Wood Watches. Yup. Literally anything here is sure to please the fussiest fashionista, divo daddy, or impossible to buy for grandparent. The highest quality watches made from the coolest variety of woods in both classic and modern styles. Personally, I adore the femininity of my Cora in Koa and Rose Gold. She has come with me to red carpet events, to the playground to play with my girls, and poolside lounging in the heat of the Las Vegas sun. Recently I gifted the daddy in my life a Dover in Ebony and Rosewood, which received rave reviews. Jord Wood Watch Krista Whitley Keepin Up With Krista
  3. White Teeth: Unless your impossible to gift recipient is rocking a brand new set of veneers, the gift of a brighter, more youthful smile is a gift that they will appreciate every day of the year. Smile Brilliant offers the same teeth whitening that takes an hour in your dentist’s chair, but from the comfort of your own home. I did quick impressions in my kitchen, mailed them in, and received my custom trays back within a week. After just a few treatments I was rocking a smile that garnered me all kinds of compliments. Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Krista Whitley
  4. Bow & Drape: Personalized everything. From dog sweaters to human sweaters to cushions for your couch and even custom Sriracha, Bow & Drape allows you to customize your gift to the recipient. Thanks to the real time service at Nordstrom I currently own one that says “Fabulous Magical Unicorn” and another with “Goal Digger”, both completed within an hour. At $58 for a fully customized sweater, this is an affordable gift sure to put a smile on everyone you love.
  5. Drive FAST: One of my favorite highlights of this year was experiencing the Richard Petty driving experience first hand in the heat of the Las Vegas summer. My ride along felt like it was over in a second, but it was a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with what Nascar drivers experience every day. At just $59 for a ride along this is an affordable gift that will be unforgettable. Richard Petty Driving Experience Krista Whitley

*Full disclosure: I did receive a complimentary ride along from the Richard Petty experience, some fabulous Monster Products headphones, Smile Brilliant teeth whitening, and my watches in exchange for my honest opinion. And that candid opinion is that I would pay for all of them in a red hot second because I loved them.