We live in a time of dominating Western medicine, where the solution to what ails you is “here, take this pill”. Many other modalities/health practices are considered alternative or complimentary. Way back in the day, medicine was a blend of art and science with some magic, myth and superstition. And the best part, it worked! Many of these practices has been pushed aside and forgotten. Not one single health care system can claim to be a total cure for every disease. Taking a holistic approach to health and well being, incorporating both Western and alternative medicines should have a place in health care. Massage therapy is a wonderful modality to improve your health and well being.

Massage therapy has been show to:

1. Control stress

Long-term stress can take an emotional and physical toll and massage therapy may relieve stress and reduce tension headaches. Massage therapy has also been shown to increase endorphin release into the nervous system.

2. Get better sleep

Research indicates that massage can improve sleep in those with lower back pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, pain and other health conditions.

3. Boost mental health and wellness

Research suggest that the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression can be improved by massage therapy.

4. Manage pain

Pain can have an extremely negative impact on the quality of ones life and hinder recovery from illness or injury. Massage therapy can help with pain management by means of what scientists call the “Gate Control Pain Theory”. Massage can help anything from low back pain, carpal tunnel to more severe conditions.

5. Improve physical fitness

Massage therapy increases blood flow, increasing oxygen and nutrients to our vital tissues, aiding in better overall performance. Massage therapy can also help to relieve tight/tense muscles, which can improve athletic performance, as well as, decrease the likelihood of injuries.

Anyone looking to improve his or her overall health and well-being encourage you to consider massage therapy as part of your happy and healthy life style! Whether you have a serious physical ailment or chronic pain, recent car accident or athletic injury, or you simply want to relax, sleep better and feel better, massage therapy is a great place to start!

Written by Kat Hawkins, Master Healer and Massage Guru. Read more about Kat here.

5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Health

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