When Shane Rennie walks into a room, everyone takes notice. With a captivating aura that can only be described as James Bond-esque, you would have no idea that this modern, confident gentleman worries about being “too dorky.” As the CEO and founder of one of Western Canada’s premier architectural firms, Rennie’s love of modern design and architecture began in 1999, while working as a plumber for a large construction company. Eager to take advantage of the company’s continuing education program, Rennie managed to convince management that architecture and plumbing were related (a requirement for tuition reimbursement). Never one to sit still, Rennie attended architecture classes while renovating, and flipping, houses with his wife. After just a short year, he quite the architecture program, convinced he has learned everything he needed to know. Without hesitation, or consulting his then pregnant wife, Rennie quit his job as a Junior Project Manager and made the bold move to open Rectangle.

As a startup entrepreneur, Rennie had no business experience, and faced many of the same challenges that many business owners face. “I knew I loved putting the deal together,” said Rennie, “I loved customer care and thought we were designing projects that were amazing.” However, he learned quickly that his passion, and love of architecture and design, could only get him so far. “I had no idea about cash flow, balance sheets, process, or structure,” he shared, “I feel like knowing more at the beginning would have been so helpful.” The construction industry in Alberta is unique in that there are very few barriers to entry, including a lack of required credentials in order to open a business. Therefore, many feel that they have the skillset to make some fast cash by opening their own business.

From the start, Rennie loved the idea of intricately thoughtful, whether deciding how to plan a space or approaching specific architecture. “I feel like some of our best projects have had inherent issues and the clever ideas that our team used to solve them is what made them awesome,” said Rennie. The Rectangle team always starts by asking clients what their pain points are, what they feel isn’t working or needs to be fixed.

A family business isn’t easy, something Rennie has first hand knowledge of. Last summer his teenage daughter worked with the team and was fired. “My wife worked here for a week and, depending on whom you talk to, she either quit or got fired,” he explained, “She says I am way too demanding.” His cousin worked for him as well, but was let go after a month. Does that make Rennie the “Steve Jobs” of architecture? Not at all! His brother helped to create their company vision of “ideas first.” And his dad is his right hand within the company and, at 62, he runs circles around the young guys on the team.

Passionate about good design, Rennie’s hometown and Rectangle’s corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta offers endless opportunities for daily inspiration. “I love good design. Whether it is a house, a piece of furniture, a new iPhone, or a new sign at a store,” he enthusiastically shared, “I love seeing amazing work!” Calgary is a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, having doubled in size over the last twenty years. With unlimited opportunities for smart entrepreneurs, Rennie confides, “There must be something in the water producing Type A personalities because we are a close knit community driven to see businesses thrive within an extremely competitive environment.”

Driven to exceed even his own lofty standards, Rennie has had multiple projects featured on the cover of “Western Living Magazine” and has a collection of entrepreneur, and design, awards. As one of Calgary’s 40 under 40 honorees last year, he is dedicated to personal growth and is a dedicated member of an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) forum group to grow even further. Rubbing shoulders daily with some of Western Canada’s most elite business leaders, one of Rennie’s biggest influences has been Manny Sangra.

“Manny had a major impact on my life and how I conduct myself in a business environment,” he explained, “he was the first journeyman plumber that I apprenticed under that wasn’t my father and I hated him on day one.” Taking months to warm up to each other, Manny was the most aggressive, hardest working man Rennie had ever met. “Manny immigrated to Canada as a young man with his family and only a few thousands dollars, plumbing by day and building homes in the evenings,” Rennie tells, “He really showed me that being a blue collar worker was something to be proud of and he used that stepping stone to create an amazing lifestyle for his family.” Filled with emotion, Rennie shared his favorite story that is clearly fresh in his mind, “We were working downtown and at lunch time Manny needed to get a new suit for an upcoming wedding, so he insisted that we go to a high end department store, Holt Renfrew, in our filthy coveralls to get fitted,” he continued, “He walked in there like he owned the place, getting everyone’s attention, and strolled out with the nicest Italian suit that they had.” Today Manny is a Senior Project Manager with one of Canada’s largest construction companies, overseeing multi-billion dollar projects.  

A humble visionary, Shane Rennie faces Calgary’s extremely uncertain economy driven by oil prices. “We are a boom/bust city, which has everyone pretty worried,” he explained, “I think we have finally pieced together a really great team, but I am always worried about keeping the work flowing in order to retain them all. Cash flow is a struggle no matter the size of your business.”  With a five year plan that will have Rectangle moving into four major Canadian cities with five times their 2013 revenue, Rennie’s team has recently begun working in Edmonton, Alberta and has their sights set firmly on Vancouver and Toronto. “I tell everyone that we are a 100 year company,” he said, “I am not just looking to build a successful company. My dream is to one day have my children involved.” Then, with a gleam of Founder’s pride in his eyes, “I am looking to build a legacy,” he said. For this architectural and design innovator, the future certainly looks bright.

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PictureMia & Bella, my Italian princesses

I married an Italian man from a very old school traditional Italian family that was not thrilled that I was half Asian. Look at me- I get mistaken for Italian all the time, but for my first generation Italian Canadian in-laws they were not happy that my husband at the time had not found a nice girl from the local Italian community center. Throw in that we ended up choosing to do IVF with PGD due to my husband’s unknown medical history since he was adopted and had some health history and, well, they had plenty of reasons not to approve. I share all of this to preface that I am familiar with the old school, stuck in 1920 thinking that Stefano Gabbana shocked the world with when he recently shared his thought on IVF children as “synthetic.” As the mother of a beautiful, healthy IVF conceived daughter, my immediate reaction could have been the same anger that the world has. 

Nah, that’s too easy. Let’s break this down. An older gay man takes to the media to share his views that same sex couples raising children are unnatural and that IVF children are synthetic. Let’s pause for a moment. As a mama please tell me you caught that. How much do you have to hate yourself to 1. believe that 2. say it aloud? I don’t know the man and I used to enjoy his wares, but I imagine that you have to have some pretty serious self hatred to pass such severe judgement on the choices of others. You can’t convince me that he doesn’t know same sex couples raising children in his community. After Sir Elton John took to social media to call Stefano Gabbana out on his ridiculous beliefs some people came to Gabbana’s defense, saying that he has the right to share whatever belief he has. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. 

I am a red blooded American girl who believes in freedom of speech, even when it is delivered at its’ ugliest by the KKK or some self hating fashion designer. You have the right to say whatever you you, but you just better be ready for what the public thinks about your opinions. As an entrepreneur I think his remarks were a stupid short sighted business move. Even if you hold these hateful beliefs near and dear to your heart there is no reason to go sharing them with the rest of us. I could have continued wearing my Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses without ever knowing what a moron was behind them. Now, the sunglasses are coming off and I have joined the boycott. Say whatever you want, but you best be ready for the consequences. 



I am going to dip my toes into what is most certainly a hot topic for animal lovers and conservationists every where. Allow me to begin by saying that I hate circuses and am proud that my children have never been to one. Recently the Lion Habitat Ranch has been in the news because County Commissioner Steve Sisolak has raised concerns that the facility has become a breeding facility and is making moves to shut it down. Las Vegas has a storied history struggling to keep zoos running. The Las Vegas Zoo was shut down in 2013, after all of the zookeepers quit and the USDA had to step in to ensure the proper care of the animals. In early 2014 Roos N More exotic pet rescue facility was shut down for a period of time not due to the health or care of the over 400 creatures in the husband and wife veterinarians care, but due to non compliance with Clark County’s bathroom codes. Thanks to community leader Zappos leading the charge, they are raising the funds needed to fully reopen and are still doing their Zoo to You program, but our city’s history with animal sanctuaries and zoos isn’t the testament that it could be to just how many passionate animal lovers and conservationists call Las Vegas home. 

That said, I was determined to visit the Lion Habitat Ranch with my girls to see the conditions for myself. Open Friday-Monday 11AM-3PM, we pulled into the dirt parking lot just a few minutes away from the glittering Las Vegas strip and got in line behind a few other families to gain entrance to the ranch. At $20 per local adult, which includes 1 free child, the $40 total cost was affordable for an afternoon of education. While standing in line I could hear loud roaring, which I thought was sound effects playing for affect. However, when you first walk in you are greeted by curious ostrich that are most interested in checking you out. Their height is incredible! Located in clean, well cared for pens with plenty of room to walk around (no, not the acres of an African safari, but certainly not the “pens” I heard critics post about), the ostrich seemed as normal and happy as an ostrich can be. 


In each area of cages there was a staff member hand feeding the lions and explaining the history behind the ranch. The Lion Habitat Ranch provided lions to the MGM Grand lion habitat for years and, though it closed in 2012, they have been taking care of the lions for years. As you walk around the ranch you will see large play areas and lazy lions sunning themselves. Each lion appeared well fed, and, aside from the occasional male lion spraying urine to mark that you, the audience are “his”, I felt perfectly safe allowing my two little girls to explore at will. Throughout the lion cages you will notice a variety of parrots, which were saved by the ranch after a local zoo closed (according to a staff member). One of the chattiest parrots seemed a bit confused as to when to use “hello” and “goodbye”, but he provided a lot of laughter for my girls. 

Toward the back of the ranch you will find Ozzie, the baby giraffe, who came to the ranch from a zoo. In the wild male giraffe leave their herd, so Ozzie needed a place to hang out at Lion Habitat Ranch was the ideal fit. For a $20 donation my girls were able to hand feed Ozzie, which was a once in a lifetime up close experience for them both. I attached the video I took of it, so that you can see for yourself how amazing it was. In one of the cages the owner, Keith Evans, was spending the afternoon answering calls, playing with Angel the lion cub, and watching two of the guard dogs play with a ball. Angel the lion cub was as cute as could be, climbing on Keith and playing with the dogs. I found Keith to be open to answering any question that came at him and realistic about the situation. I went into the ranch with an open mind and left firmly planted on the side of the Lion Habitat Ranch. If you haven’t been, it is absolutely a must do and one of my favorite family friendly attractions in Las Vegas. It is outdoors, so make sure you bring sunscreen or a hat and be prepared to take lots of photos. 



Mastering the art of efficiency is an oft discussed, rarely practiced exercise by leaders at all levels. For me, I find that having spent over fifteen years as a leader and entrepreneur, there are some tricks to efficiency that I have been forced to become an expert at. My motivation was quality time with my daughters as they have grown older and were more aware of mommy not being present at dinner each evening. Certainly Sheryl Sandberg makes an excellent case for “leaning in” and making those sacrifices, but I challenge that premise since my role as mother takes precedence over any as leader or entrepreneur ever has. 

STEP ONE: FOCUS As an “A” type leader, I can drown in the vast sea of opportunity that I see around me. In my community there are so many charities that need my skill set and time. In my business life there are so many projects that seem perfectly primed for the marketplace. In my personal life it is tempting to enroll my daughters in every extracurricular activity to ensure their well roundedness that will help them achieve some Ivy league school years down the road.  

As a passionate community warrior I used to serve on several non profit boards and jump at each volunteer opportunity, but I came to realize that the truest statement I ever heard was “1 passionate person beats 40 merely interested.” I can’t be the one person for every cause. I can, however, balance my life by giving to the opportunities where I can make the most impact. It means sometimes buying the Girl Scout cookies instead of being the organizer behind the cookie sales. Drill down on what skills you have that can make the most impact. Narrow them down by 3 major categories: COMMUNITY/ WORK/ PERSONAL and then narrow those down to 1-3 areas where you can make the biggest impact. No more. It is in the simplicity of these focus areas that your day will emerge beautifully simple rather than drenched in chaos. Once you decide on these categories only go back to them as you have major life shifts. These are not areas that change with the seasons or the years, but, rather, as your personal circumstances shift. For me, I had a major shift after my divorce. For some, they may stay the same for decades. 

STEP TWO: COMMUNICATE LESS  Communication is a tempting thing. No matter if it is in social media, via text message, or via email, when we receive a communication or engagement from someone in our life over the most mundane thing it fills our need to feel important and valued. It is so tempting to “like” back, to “reply all”, or to engage back to fulfill that individual’s need to feel valued as well. Stop. Communicate when needed. Feelings have everything to do with communication, but your “K” reply to a text message isn’t validating anyone and it just ate up precious focus that you had on something that mattered. 

In business, remove the pressure to chime in at every meeting and instead channel your energy towards really hearing what is being said. I am such an enthusiastic ball of energy that I always felt this tremendous need to contribute. Without having said something the rest of the team would feel like I wasn’t worthy, right? The opposite. When you say less, your words become more impactful. Take a deep breath, listen in to what isn’t being said, and then take the time to carefully craft the message you wish to contribute. 

For email, this rule still applies. My email inbox rarely has more than 10 items in it. Everything is filed into one of three places: 1. INBOX: Items I need to deal with in the next 24 hours, essentially becoming my digital “to do” list 2. FOLDER: Items that need to be saved or reviewed at another time. Articles or links friends send me, events that I want to consider, or just client information that does not require immediate attention 3. TRASH: 99% of the emails I receive end up here. Yes, I have tried the lovely email sorting systems and I unsubscribe to all kinds of lists, but my job is marketing and I feel the need to review the latest email newsletter from most retailers to stay on top of market trends. Now, I am an admitted information junkie and speed reader, but everything goes into these three places. 

STEP THREE: TIME NINJA YOUR DAY  You and I woke up today with the same 24 hours in the day. I take time ninja’ing to mastery level. I time ninja my entire week. I am in control of my time- not the other way around. I turn down meetings if they aren’t in line with my calendar no matter how important or rare the opportunity. I hold to the schedule because it keeps me sane. I came to this conclusion after far too many years of insanity. When I looked back in hindsight I realized it was when I started off with the best of intentions, but deviated because “so and so was so important” or “this opportunity will pass me by”. So let it. Important people will respect your calendar because you, too, are important. Opportunities are a dime a dozen and the best ones need people like you to execute on them, so move on. 

For me, I start with Sunday. I never work on Sunday. It is an entire 24 hour day with my daughters and my chihuahuas. Mondays are a writing day, usually poolside during pool season because being next to the water and out in the sunshine calms me. I will take google hangout meetings by the pool and friends are welcome to come co-work or brainstorm, but I just turned down a meeting in a client’s office yesterday because it conflicted with my calendar. Tuesdays and Thursdays are office meetings, but Wednesdays and Fridays are work from home days. Friday nights are often spent with my daughters for movie night and Saturdays are our busy days. Occasionally I will work events and I always try to bring my girls with me to set an example of what leadership looks like. I never leave my daughters home with a sitter more than one night per week and that means turning down dates or rare networking opportunities all the time. 

Research and continuing education are vitally important to me. I suspect it is because I am the daughter of a high school teacher and college drop out, but I am a voracious reader of everything from the most recent Harvard Business Review to the latest business book. I don’t do digital books because I am old school and love a good highlighter and pen to make notes in the columns. I set aside no less than two hours each day just for research. Again, this sometimes means that I am turning away potential client meetings or putting off things that could be interpreted as “important”, but I stick to the schedule like a turtle in a race against a hare. My clients hire me because I am a strategic thinker and part of creating an effective strategy is understanding current climate conditions. If I am advising someone based on old news, I am useless. 

As leaders, it is our obligation to guide our team towards mastering their own schedules. If you find you have a team member who is unusually stressed or you are the team member who lacks the empowerment to narrow your focus for the sake of efficiency, approach your leader to ask for guidance. Yes, in the entrepreneur world we tend to wear 10 hats and in my role I wear several, but my expertise can be narrowed to three focuses that are my best use. The moment that I deviate I create a mountain out of a molehill and it takes me ten times as long to get something completed.

It is really this simple. I can’t count the number of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and leaders I have shared these simple tips with who proclaim them just to difficult to execute on. Alas, they continue to be adrift in the sea of chaos and disorganization while I am confidently sailing my ship towards the goals I have in crystal clear focus. Wishing all of you smooth sailing! 



The number one question I get from my mommy friends coming to visit fabulous Las Vegas is “where can we take the kids?” Las Vegas actually has a lot of options for families that are sure to please even the fussiest children. This week I will be highlighting some of our favorite family friendly attractions. 

My girls and I headed to Las Vegas’ only wax museum, the world renowned Madame Tussauds wax museum at the Venetian on the Las Vegas strip this past Saturday. An escalator takes you up into a stream of lights to a party atmosphere room filled with Nic Cage, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie among others. Music is bumping and the disco balls with plenty of seating allow for numerous photo opportunities with your favorite celebrities and athletes. 

One of our favorite features was the #tussaudsvegas feature, which makes you part of the attraction thanks to Instagram. In real time you take your photo, hashtag it, and you become part of the attraction for all to see. My girls thought it was really cool to be able to take a photo and then have it featured on the big screen. These type of integrated social media real time activations are so simple, but I rarely see them utilized as well as Madame Tussauds team is doing. I was thrilled to see a social media feature being used well and the large crowd around it certainly confirmed that it is a hit with the people attending the wax museum. 

As we worked our way through the museum we made our way to the Las Vegas themed section, which had a huge amount of Las Vegas history. Liberace, Wayne Newton, and all of the big names to have graced the Las Vegas strip were on display. The attention to detail with each wax figure was impressive and my girls were a little weirded out that these were not real live people. The Las Vegas classics were all fun for us, but five year old Mia really enjoyed taking her turn on dare devil Evil Knievel’s bike. Throughout the entire attraction they had numerous opportunities for adorable photos, but the bike was bolted down to ensure that even the tiniest child could pretend they were a dare devil jumping over the Grand Canyon. 

At the very end was the special attraction of the Marvel Superheroes 4D and it was the biggest hit of the day with my girls. Sitting in an intimate theatre you become part of the action with all of the Marvel Superheroes. Special affects include bubbles, shaking chairs, and water sprayed on you. The movie is only about ten minutes and my girls were on the edge of their seats the entire time. Overall, Madame Tussauds is a fan favorite at our house and we can’t wait to go back!  

For the best prices guaranteed- go directly to the Madame Tussauds website here

*Full disclosure: the Madame Tussauds team did provide us with four tickets in exchange for our unbiased, honest review of the attraction. 



Meet my friend, Summer Shields. Summer is a number cruncher, a calculator ninja who knows why the IRS won’t let me deduct my botox and if I should claim mileage or expenses to deduct my car. A single mom to her beautiful daughter, Summer is a fellow lady leader who pushes me to be better. With her birthday coming up fast I took the lead on planning a fabulous party at an upscale restaurant. Thinking this would be a brilliant way to celebrate the life of a hard working woman who is always willing to do things for others, I called to let her know the plan. “Well, if everyone is already planning on spending all that money, do you think we could change direction?” she said. Thinking she might be concerned about spending that much on herself, I said, “Oh Summer we are treating you for your birthday.” “Oh no, it isn’t that,” she says, “It’s just that I really need to raise at least $175 for the deposit on a missions trip that I would really like to go on with my church. Do you think we could spend less on food and drink to see if people might contribute towards that?” Here I was planning some extravagant party to celebrate her and Summer was thinking about how all that money could help her to go to a third world country where she can help others. Hell yes I think we can change direction. In fact, I am quite sure this was the smack upside the head that God needed for me to have. So, we spent last night celebrating Summer in a friend’s kitchen, eating gluten free cupcakes and snacks, laughing over stories of our lives, and put cash in an envelope to ensure Summer can commit to that missions trip. Summer is just getting started raising the funds needed for her to go on the missions trip, so if you would like to contribute you can go right online to Hope Church. Summer wants to- correction- will be going on the Hope Church Sacha Inchi trip that costs $2200 and takes her to Thailand July 17-28. If you would like to support Summer on this missions trip feel free to contact Maria by emailing her here



Former fat girl. Holy crap. Initially I wrote fat girl, but then I realized that at my current size it wouldn’t be accurate without former in front of it. So, at 10 months in, down 80lbs, fitting into size larges and 12’s, and up on energy and confidence, what have I learned?  

ALL YOU NEED IS YOU: I know, I know, I know, it sounds like total bull shit because, really, you got you into the worst shape of your life because you thought In N Out burger was a food group. At the end of the day, you are born you and you are left with you, so getting used to the idea that you are ultimately entirely responsible for this skin you are in can be tough. Let me be straight with you: I wanted an easy fix. I wanted a trainer to tell me what to do/eat/breath/sleep to fix all the problems I created. Recently my trainer corrected my form on my squats, which led to my IT band being so tight that my knees got instantly sore. I wasn’t hurt, but it was the first time that I have had pain that kept me from running and doing all of the high impact exercises that I like to do. The psychology of having bad pain that kept me from pushing myself led to a piss poor attitude in the gym and the inability to wear heels to business meetings. GASP! I know, right?! I arrived at the gym at 6AM one morning in a sour mood because my new thick, hard, black boyfriend had made me cry the night before (I bought a foam roller- get your mind out of the gutter) and lasted less than five minutes before Jeff sent me home. You read that right. I got sent home from the gym. Jeff explained that what we do in the gym needs to make us better the other 23 hours of the day and, if I was so exhausted and negative that I didn’t want to be there, I needed a break. I needed to listen to my body and rest. Rest hadn’t even been in my agenda. It had not occurred to me that in order to achieve my healthy living goals I might need to stop. To chill out. I returned to the gym wiser, encouraged, and far more positive after a week’s rest. 

DON’T BE MARRIED TO YOUR GOALS- BE MARRIED TO YOUR WHY: When I started this adventure ten months ago I was a newly single mom and my why was to be around for my two little girls for as long as I could be. I set the goal of competing and became almost obsessed with the idea that I could, indeed, compete at the highest level of body building. The very idea that I could grace the stage was so crazy to me that it became my sole focus. Today, I still have the desire to push my body as far as it can go and compete some day, but I am focusing more on just having my next workout and my next day be better than today. My ultimate competition is that crazy lady in the mirror and I just want to work harder, feel better, and embrace living my best life with each passing moment. I don’t want to miss dinner because I am at the gym instead of enjoying a meal with my girls. 

LET YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM LOVE YOU THROUGH IT: I am so blessed to have friends and family that support me unconditionally. From my daughters, who tag along to the gym to box with my trainer while he kicks my booty to my dear friend Angela, who texts and chats on her phone while watching me squat, there isn’t a friend in my circle who hasn’t supported me 100%. Just when I think no one cares or is paying attention I get a random message of support on Facebook or Instagram. When I was sure I couldn’t carry on during the Bad Ass Dash random strangers shouted words of encouragement and offered a hand as I climbed walls I never dreamed I could make it up or down from. The most chiseled bodybuilders in the world have taken time to inspire me and the most committed couch potatoes have chimed in to say they were proud of me. From strangers to the ones closest to me, each and every one has mattered. I appreciate all of you. 

So, what’s next? My 35th birthday is April 24th and I don’t know. I do know that I will be in a bikini on that day and that I can’t wait to share the progress photos with all of you. I know that I will spend the day surrounded by people who love me doing something I love to do. This fitness and good health journey has been so much more than I could have ever anticipated. I am down 80lbs, shopping in normal clothing stores, and celebrating my good health with every bite of salad. Cheers to all of you who are fighting a similar battle to achieve your best health!



ATTENTION SINGLE LADIES OF LAS VEGAS! Have I got a public service announcement for you my friends. Meet Mike. Mike has all the eligible bachelor stats that make him a first class stand out- photo of him with his small child (a daughter, no less, which once you’re done reading this, you, too will want to contact her mother), visiting fabulous Las Vegas on business, and wants to take you out to dinner and drinks with no pressure. A real charmer, right? Hold on just a second. Old Mike here matched with my friend a couple of days ago, got her number, and proceeded to lay the pressure for her to come perform random sex acts in his Las Vegas hotel room for cash. She asked him several times to stop contacting her and finally blocked him, but how many Mike’s are there out there? I get it, guys come to Las Vegas with the assumption that every female in this city is a stripper or a prostitute and, somehow, that by being on Tinder or an online dating application, we are putting ourselves out there to be harassed. Maybe at 9AM on Tuesday morning, while here on business, old Mike is drunk as can be or high on God only knows what that caused him to think “gee this is grown up behavior”, but to be non stop texting and harassing women who merely put themselves out on a dating application and have asked him to stop numerous times is not fun. It is not funny. It is the digital equivalent to the misogynistic attitudes that are so prevalent in India and have led to a gang rapist who is unapologetically blaming his dead victim. 

Which leads me to my public service announcement for all women in Las Vegas this week who might run into Mike on his business visit trolling the internet for women to harass, denigrate, or to perform sex acts on him for cash (hey Mike- prostitution is illegal in Clark County): be on the look out for Mike. Now true- he could be cat fishing and using a harmless buddy’s photos, so be on the look out for these photos because you have no idea if he will look like this when you arrive for your “no pressure drinks and dinner”. Mike’s behavior scares me. It concerns me that a man like this would communicate in such a manner with a woman he doesn’t know. It concerns me even more that his true colors may not come out before you encounter him in person and he does God only knows what to you physically. And, should you know Mike, his baby mama, or his adorable daughter (that I can’t imagine he would want treated in the same manner with which he treated my friend), let him know what you think. Hey, better yet, we have his number, so you are welcome to text or call him directly to let him know what you think of his behavior! Bad news Mike! Women of Las Vegas are empowered. We are strong. We are leaders. And if there is one thing that we do when a man won’t stop harassing one of us, we stick together. 



Angela Daffron is one of my favorite guest bloggers thanks to her fresh perspective, depth of life experience, and candor. Today, she shares a guest blog from the heart. Follow her here

Open Letter: Thank You to the Woman Who Slept with my Husband

You may think this is going to be a catty barbed letter, but it is not.  I sincerely want to thank you for sleeping with my husband while we were married. You see my values and morals kept me in a bad relationship too long because I had stood before friends, family and God and made a vow to do so.  I took those vows to heart, but somewhere along the way lost myself and forgot to take care of me first.

What do I mean? I was willing to put up with a lot. Too much. While I will always care for my now former husband I fell out of love long ago. It took a long time for me to even admit that, but we were always very different people with very different values and morals.  Looking back it was the first day he raised his hand to me that I fell out of love. I didn’t admit it and probably still wouldn’t had you not slept with him. You see my morals hold marriage on a very high standard. Too high in this case because I deserve someone who has those same morals and values and I cheated myself for years. You freed me from that prison. Thank you! I have no idea why you did it. I don’t care. I care about my own freedom and happiness now.  I found it now and have never known this kind of happiness before.

I wish you all the same happiness wherever and with whoever you may find it. However, I will never feel like you are worthy enough to be around my daughter. Not because you slept with MY husband, but because you were willing to sleep with any married man. 

The “thank you” is sincere. I never would have left and he would still be here if he could so again: thank you! I am free and happy now. Without your actions I would have stayed.