They say you can never make a second first impression. I agree, but in the wild west of dating, sometimes it is the second date where everything goes South. The second date with aforementioned Prince Charming Magic Mike happened Friday night. We chatted in the afternoon and decided against movies at my house, choosing instead to meet at 8PM at his local bar. I asked if my friends could join us to meet him. He agreed. Now, in my world, the introduction to my friends is an honor. It should come with a man trophy and understanding that I am considering keeping you around for awhile. Knowing from the first date that Magic Mike likes to do shots, I decided to ride with my dating Yoda, so I could partake without having to worry about driving drunk. Again, congratulations sir, I like you well enough to let my guard down. If you’re dating me, all of these things are signs that I think you’re a suitable candidate for date three. 

Dating Yoda, Comedy Kate, and Mistress Nanny were all present and accounted for, excited to be meeting the legendary Magic Mike. And things went well! Funny stories were told, he offered his male perspective on dating in Las Vegas, and my friends clearly approved. Mistress Nanny had to leave first for a high profile nanny gig on the strip, followed by Dating Yoda who had a full line up for later that evening, and Comedy Kate, Magic Mike, and I were having a great time. Comedy Kate was about to leave and asked if I would be needing a ride home, leaving a clear opening for Magic Mike to say no, he would be taking me home, so we could spend some one on one time together. I said I wasn’t sure, so she headed to the ladies room. And that’s when all hell broke loose. 

Magic Mike transformed from Prince Charming to frog in five seconds flat. Yelling at me, he launched into how furious he was that I hadn’t driven. “If you wanted a girl’s night, you could have just gone and done that,” he said, followed by, “I felt like a fifth wheel the entire night.” I was gobsmacked. I explained that I had asked him if he wanted to come over to my house to watch movies and had asked if he was ok with my friends coming. He didn’t care. He continued yelling at me. Later, a friend asked why I didn’t throw my drink on him. I was in shock. I work really hard to be slow to anger and quick to forgive, but here was the guy who knocked his first impression out of the park and he was yelling at me in a public place. Not acceptable ever. I appreciate men who are direct, but I like my candor delivered in a normal tone of voice from a place of resolution.  

Comedy Kate came back to the table and I was ready to leave. You’d think this guy just discovered I was a hooker- God forbid I should be a responsible adult who doesn’t drive drunk. He tried to pay for my drinks, but I refused, proudly throwing down $40 on the table and flipping my hair on the way out. So, what happens when you put Prince Charming on a pedestal and he knocks himself right off? Comedy Kate knew just what to do. Onto another bar! 

Walking into Chicago Brewing Company, a bunch of drunk frat boy types actually cheered our entrance. It was a sign. The bartender called our requested shot of RumChata and Fireball the “Christmas Come” and delivered one after another after another. At some point Dating Yoda joined us after one of her dates and by that time Comedy Kate and I had torn Magic Mike into a million little pieces. At some point he did send an apology text taking responsibility and I forgave him instantly, but when I awoke the next morning with my hair hurting and confused as to why I had cold Taco Bell on my nightstand, he had unfriended me on Facebook. Because we are 12. 



Dating is a roller coaster. It had been a month since my exploration of Tinder ended in an unrequested dick video from a man I never met and I was stood up in a sports bar, so my team of dating experts thought it was high time I dive back into the dating pool. Enter Plenty of Fish. 

I joined in a bar after a few drinks with my dating Yoda and completed the compatibility questionnaire between shots and complaints that Prince Charming should just show up, shouldn’t he? I mean, has he met me? I’m awesome. After a couple of shots, I was 100% certain of my awesomeness and even Yoda was concerned as to what kind of answers I was giving. When all was said and done, I went with profile name “Former Cheerleader” and headline “Sense of humor and optimism required.” I categorized my body under average (they didn’t have curves for days as an option- obviously) and filed my personality under daredevil (sky diving and online dating imply as much). 

Within mere moments a tidal wave of eligible bachelors appeared in my messages. One of the first was a guy who had this photo of his child as his profile picture. Gangster baby just wasn’t for me. Yup, it was looking like I was headed towards a Tinder end. And then 25 year old Brett messaged me. He was respectful, worked in law enforcement, and went right in for the date request. Well played for a far younger man than I would normally give the time of day to. Well played indeed. Dinner at Red Robin followed where I consumed an entire Banzai Burger with a fork and knife. Because if I am diving into my extra pineapple Banzai Burger with wild abandon, I love you. I didn’t even know if I liked this guy. He was a mature 25, very sweet, but it became pretty clear why I prefer older men. After we met he sent me a text message asking if I would like to be friends with benefits, which killed it for a second date ever happening. Who told single men that smart, beautiful women are starved for good sex? Let me set the record straight here: smart, beautiful women don’t want random sex and- if we do- we will tell you. Don’t get me wrong- I would love some daily hot sex, but it better be with someone whose brain turns me on just as much as the rest of him. Until then, Japan has manufactured some excellent technology that keeps me plenty satisfied. 

Within 48 hours of being on Plenty of Fish it happened. Magic Mike messaged. His first message was essentially a novel by online dating standards. Instead of “Hi Sexy” or “Hey”, his was authentic (not really sure what to say), sweet (he misses his small town), and funny. An ambitious executive with a similarly busy schedule we went back and forth a few times before moving to text message, where he agreed that dick pics are tacky and promised to be a gentleman. Oh was he! The more we messaged, the more my friends rolled their eyes. I actually sent a text message to all of them the end of that first day that said “Met the man I am going to marry. And yes, birds sang and I think woodland creatures just made my dress for the inevitable ball that he shall ask me to attend, in a glass carriage of course. Because, duh.” 

The texting continued hot and heavy, which meant it was only a matter of time before I screwed it all up. One Monday I messaged “Good Morning” and he messaged “Good Morning” back. That was it. Never heard back from him, so I figured he just wasn’t into me and proceeded to spend the week over analyzing why I wasn’t hearing from him with my team of dating experts. Until Friday night. Out on a girl’s night designed to get me drunk enough to shut up about the unsolved mystery of why Magic Mike wasn’t sending me sonnets daily, I received a message from him that said something to the effect of why hadn’t I been messaging him and was I just not into him! Since clearly girls night had had the opposite effect and I was sharing the unsolved mysteries of Magic Mike with a random drunk guy in the bar who was probably tolerating me just to look at my boobs, that was not the case at all. I set the record straight without sharing the sad truth that my dating experts and I had concluded that he was really: A. married B. involved in a horrible accident Days of Our Lives style where he lost his memory and couldn’t recall our magical previous exchanges C. dead. Because we are crazy reasonable here my friends. 

Saturday begins well, with me sending a good morning text the moment I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning. No reply. Lunch time message. No reply. By this point I am headed over to a friend’s house party for game night, where we are making JELLO shots and playing Cards Against Humanity. By 5PM, I am ticked. Here I am making the effort and I am getting nothing back. The boss lady side of me takes over and throws Cinderella the hell out of the way. I send this text. That’s me in the green. Yup, and that’s what Magic Mike sends back in the grey. You know, his mom who is battling cancer. That he takes to her appointments. Just one of the biggest reasons I even like this guy and I am never going to hear from him again. I hand the phone to my friend Kate, whose jaw drops, and proceed to consume more JELLO than I did in my entire childhood. Even my former husband felt badly for me. Yup, that’s how crappy it was. I spent Sunday on the couch watching Disney movies with my girls, nursing my hangover, and resolving to never speak my mind again. 

During that following week I managed to determine that men do not pay attention to Taylor Swift lyrics, but they do make brilliant replies to the “Hi Sexy” messages you receive on Plenty of Fish. Also, I should never tell insecure men what I do. One guy flat asked me why someone with my experience would need to be on a dating app? Because clearly standing on stage public speaking at an entrepreneur panel is the perfect time and place for me to proclaim my singleness. My dating Yoda advised that downplay my resume I must. Dumb it down. Ugh. Just the idea makes me ill. 

Right when I was ready to turn it all off for the holidays a Christmas miracle happened. Magic Mike messaged me that his mom was out of the hospital and he must have decided that I was not a terrible human being. Krista for the win my friends! We ended up meeting at his favorite local bar and he is even dreamier in person. Originally from the South, he has the sexiest voice and the slightest accent as he tells stories. I’ve never cared about someone else’s high school athletic career so much, but I hung on his every word. He isn’t a Yankees fan (he’s human people), but I let him win when he argued that the Orioles have a better strategy. I could go on for days (just ask any of my panel of dating experts, who are sick of hearing about his eyes, his smile, and why he’s so smart), but the best part was the kiss. Yup, he kissed me at the end of the date and it was kick your leg up fairy tale awesome. The second date hasn’t happened, but I am really enjoying this part of the dating roller coaster.  

When I first met Bob & Audrey Dempsey I was a fresh off the farm brand new Las Vegan who didn’t know anyone. Determined to climb the corporate ladder, I was sure that I needed a headshot from Infinity Photo and Audrey and I became fast friends during that first photo shoot. Every headshot I have had since has been her work and there’s isn’t a milestone moment from my life that she hasn’t captured. Santa Bob is one of the funniest people I know. In addition to running a graphic design and web firm, Dempsey Graphics, he teaches InDesign at CSN and is Santa for a variety of organizations, including Zappos. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect interview at El Sombrero for your Christmas dish than with two of my favorite people. Happy Holidays everyone! 

As women it is important that we surround ourselves with strong lady leaders to lift each other up in times of difficulty or doubt. I am lucky enough to be surrounded and supported by some amazing women, so sharing the conversations that we have about everything from dating to business to raising children is going to be a new monthly segment called The Dish, brought to you by Las Vegas’ premier Mexican restaurant, El Sombrero. El Sombrero is owned by inspiring restauranteur Irma Aguirre, herself one of the leading ladies in the Las Vegas community. Enjoy these segments at El Sombrero and follow Kate, Danica, and Angela as we make our way in this fabulous city! 


UNBOXING: As a geek I love the look of this router, it’s like a sexy jet, or honestly as a Star Trek fan it reminds me of the Romulan Scimitar from Star Trek Nemesis. To me it’s cool and I would leave it on my desk top because of how sleek it looks.

SET UP: Set up is super easy with plug and play. It easily connected to my internet connection, found the wireless name, and connected with my MacBook Air and it instantly brought up the Net Gear set up window, which walked me through step by step to setting up my router.

FEATURES: I downloaded the Netgear Genie for my computer, which only took a couple of seconds and I was happy with the tabs that made set up easy. I had my password changed in a matter of seconds to an easy one for myself and the family to know. I scrolled down to router settings and the the auto update only took 2 minutes. My router was up to date and ready to rock. Setup of my wireless network was completed within 20 minutes, making it very easy to use and set up for any level of user. 

When you look at it all connected it does have very bright LED lights on it. It will light up a room, so if your not down with that, thankfully, there’s a switch on the back to turn off LED’s, the only light left on is the power one.

Another amazing detail: when I connected my PS3 to run some games via wifi, I noticed that the Netgear connection had 100% signal strength, whereas the wireless router from my internet company only sent out 87% signal strength. It’s the first time ever being able to easily set up a media server for my PS3. 

PERFORMANCE: Using ReadyShare by connecting two of my LaCie Hard drives via USB 3.0 I tried it out with some music, some tv shows and a movie that I had stored on the hard drive.  Sharing a non wireless hard drive was super easy. I was using it with my MacBook Air and had no issues with connection or with the stream of the video.  No lag whatsoever. I started the movie on my iPhone 5 minutes later, no issues at all. Runs amazingly smooth.

PRICE-VALUE: Overall I would say this is a quality product that offers excellent value that was an upgrade from what my internet service provider sent me. You can purchase yours online here

I highly recommend this  amazing router for at home and business use to set up a network. 

*Net Gear did provide me with this product for review, but this is my 100% authentic review and I LOVE IT.



One of my friends walked into her house tonight only to overhear her ex-husband yelling at their teen daughter about what a terrible woman his former wife is. There isn’t a circumstance here that justifies this behavior from an adult man. But she’s crazy. But she’s a cheater. But she’s a whore. But she’s a drunk. Nah- she could be the devil reincarnated in a hot lil body, but none of it would justify behaving like a total dick to their child. As the mother of two young lady leaders myself, I appreciate that my former husband (we don’t use “ex” in our home) and I are setting the best example for how to live your life when things don’t go according to plan. Yes, we got married eight years ago thinking this was the fairy tale where we would grow old together. It didn’t work out like that and yes, we had a month of sheer insanity where we didn’t behave ourselves, but I am very proud that nine months later we only continue to get better at managing our new reality. I’m not an expert and I use “dick” for both men and women, so here are some real life tips on how you can be divorced without being a dick:

*KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF IT: A family therapist explained to our family that it isn’t the divorce that fucks kids up, but the aftermath. Children need to feel like they can still have their family together at holidays without worrying that mommy will scream “SLUT!” at daddy’s new girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if your children are 5 or 50- keep them the hell out of your issues. Your children need to know that they came from a place of love and that our love of family still exists. At our house we make a point to do family activities, like running the Run or Dye 5km together. 

*ACCEPT IT: You got divorced for a reason, so let the fairy tale go. No amount of wishing is going to turn your former spouse into prince or princess charming. Mourn it and work your way through the emotions, but commit to achieving acceptance. Yes, it sucks that your life has not gone according to plan, but honey, this is life and the adventures you have around the corner are going to be well worth the metric ton of kleenex that you are going to go through. If you do this you can get to a new relationship- perhaps even a friendship- that is better than the marriage you once had.  

*SEEK OUT SUPPORT: You need people that you can scream at about what a slut/drunk/crazy bitch your former spouse is. It sure isn’t your child and it’s definitely not the internet, so seek out friends in your life that will listen to you when you just need to rant and rave. I’m not even going to argue that your former spouse might be a perfectly normal person and you could be the bat shit one because you won’t listen to that right now. Get it off your chest, but do it with the appropriate people. 

*PERSPECTIVE: Get some. Like a lot. Isn’t it funny how we forget all of the joy that we experienced with that other person? If you and your children are safe and your basic needs are met (food and shelter) then you have a lot to be grateful for. Not sure you do? Get your ass to a soup kitchen and donate some time with a worthy homeless charity. When we are angry it is easy to think it’s all about us. It’s not. The world is a much bigger place and the legacy that matters more than you and your former spouse is the story that your children and grandchildren will tell about the influence you had on their lives long after you’re gone.  

Now quit being a dick. You’re welcome.  



I am a total bitch at the gym. I have my earbuds in, resting bitch face firmly set, and no time to waste on chit chat. I actually go out of my way to avoid conversation and eye contact because I need every ounce of focus that I can muster to lift heavier than the day before. It’s the only time each day where I am the least friendly human in the room. The other 23 hours of the day I am bubbly effervescent positive energy, but that one hour in the gym is me time and if you get in my way my inner lady beast will lash out after you.

There is a woman in my gym- probably mid 40’s, easily a couple of babies under her belt, and the body that comes from years of looking after everyone else instead of putting herself first. She works out with a trainer and in a sea of bodybuilders, fitness models, and youthful hard bodies, she is the one that I notice the most. The other day it was leg day (also known as my favorite day of the week) and I was waiting for her to finish her leg press with 10lb weights on each side. It was tough. She was sweating, focused, and it was a push. After, I popped my earbuds out of my ears and began stacking 45lb wheels onto the leg press sled, one after another. She commented, “Oh God, now you’re just showing off.” I laughed and said we all start somewhere. In fact, I started with those same 10lb weights thinking I’d never get much further.

There I am in the gym surrounded by mirrors and versions of physical perfection, but it isn’t the beef cake or the gym Barbie that impress me. It’s that woman just starting out- cellulite, mama belly, and floppy arms that inspires me. It takes bigger lady balls to show up and start in a room filled with bitches who are focused on their own shit like me. I saw her a couple of days later and made a point to tell her she was doing awesome. Man, I hope she keeps showing up because I don’t ever want to forget what those first few days in the gym felt like.

It’s sports bra 2.0 people. If you are well endowed in the chest area like me, you are going to LOVE this post. After sports bra reviews 1.0, a follower shouted out that I had to check out the Enell sports bra line. I did, wasn’t terribly sure about the heavy duty nature of it, but a few days later it arrived at my door and (drumroll please) I FREAKING LOVE IT.  As you can see in the video, I am jogging without knocking myself out, the front hook and eye closure (think corset for your boobs) keeps everyone in place, and the heavy duty construction supports while the satin fabric feels smooth as can be. At $64-$66 and with non standard sizing (my 40DDD is a size 5 if that helps- can we all just celebrate that I am finally a size 5 in anything please?), it was a stretch, but a good sports bra is worth its’ weight in gold and I am thrilled that I found this one. Check it out and let me know what you think!  

Friday was the traditional brick and mortar retail celebration of consumerism and Monday was the icing on the consumerism cake, so today is Tuesday and the fun just keeps coming!  However, today isn’t about you. It’s Giving Tuesday. Yes, it’s a thing. Giving Tuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back and it is today! It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company, or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. 

If you’ve followed me for even a quick minute you know that I have always had a community minded heart, so I have lots of ideas on ways that you could give back. Here are some of my favorites:

*SPONSOR A POM POM: I donate my time coaching twelve of the most enthusiastic, well mannered future lady leaders in the Quest Prep Academy junior varsity cheerleading squad. These 6-9th grade girls keep their grades up, practice hard, and have less than two weeks to raise the funds needed to buy uniforms and pom poms. Need Christmas party entertainment for your company party? Contribute $100 and get 12 enthusiastic cheerleaders singing Christmas carols and performing cheers. 

*SUPPORT KIDS FIGHTING CANCER: My friends, Robyn and Kyle Matthews, lost their son, Ezra, at 800 days old and, determined to find a cure, created Because of Ezra. I was shocked to discover that less than 5% of all funds raised for cancer are ear marked for pediatric cancer, so I was happy to donate my time chairing the Las Vegas Karaoke for the Kure event. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until our September 2015 event to give back. Check out the website now and donate towards finding a cure!  

*TURN A HOMELESS PERSON INTO A HERO: Tiger Todd was an accomplished entrepreneur in the tech space when he followed his donations ear marked for the homeless to a local park, where there were lines up homeless people lined up for a meal. It occurred to him that just providing a meal wasn’t solving the problem and there had to be a better solution. So, over 17 years ago he created Hero School and has dedicated his life to turning the homeless and disadvantaged into heroes. Make a donation now and become a super hero!  

More important than each of these worthy causes is spreading the idea that giving back doesn’t have to just happen during the holiday season. Philanthropy is something that should be a part of your every day life. No matter how busy, how financially stressed, or how little you feel that you have to offer, you can always donate your time, talents, or just share a link on social media. Set the example for the people in your life. If more people gave back more often the world would be a better place. 



Today’s guest blog comes from one my favorite people because she always knows how to make me laugh and always has an answer. Boring love life? Join Tinder! Go home early or stay out? Stay out! I have asked her to share her adventures in dating cubs for all of you because I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.  

I asked my husband of two decades to move out in the spring. By the time summer came along I was sure it was time to file for divorce and move on, but how would I begin dating again? Who would I date? I was definitely out of practice!  I work at home. I was not in the habit of hitting bars. Most of my close friends were married. So here is what I did.

I gathered my single friends and got everyone to commit to going out at least once a week for Girl’s Night! There would be times some couldn’t make it, but everyone was always invited. I dove into dating. Fear drove me, as I had one single friend who had not dated in four full years (she claims by her choice, but I envisioned getting cats- a lot of cats). I envisioned myself a few years out and never having dated since the divorce.  Dating was scary to me. Two decades is a long time. Two decades since I had kissed anyone else. Slept with anyone else and let’s face it: your body in your early 20s is much different than in your early 40s. All kinds of things were crossing my mind. I finally made the decision to embrace whatever the universe threw at me until Labor Day. It was a wild ride.

I did not plan to be a cougar, but younger guys were the ones to ask me out first.  They were fun, hot, energetic and gushed over me. So why not date younger? I went for it and here is what I learned by dating cubs.

1.      SEX- there are some new things out there and WOW! I mean did I say WOW! They never tire! Did I say WOW!?

2.       #Selfies – They will ask you to shoot a selfie at least twice a day, but when you send it they will fall over themselves to compliment your beauty.  Older guys listen up because you could learn from this. One cub wanted so many pictures I found myself buying props to make it more interesting.  Seriously, I ran out of ideas, so the relationship had to end.

3.       “But do you have the good pics?” – Yep, they want the naked pictures too. They will bite you in the ass each and every time though. With or without your face they can be traced. Do it at your own risk. I only sent them to one cub. I feel fairly sure they are safe on his and only his phone, but I have his too just in case.  ;)

4.       The age difference can matter.  About 3 months into a relationship with one cub I realized I was close to his mother’s age than his, he was born the year The Goonies was released, younger than the Home Alone kid and likely did not remember a time when Russia was called the USSR.  Most seem like small things, but it crosses your mind for sure.

5.       Needy – They give a lot, but they are needy too.  They want constant assurance that you are in their words “into” them.  They text a LOT! All hours of the day and night. It is exhausting.

6.       Fitness – Wow! I mean they are in their 20s. Remember what your body looked like then? I worked out and ran more than I ever have in my life! (Good side effect to dating a hot guy.)

7.        Dates – They are never a boring dinner and a movie! Let’s hike, let’s skydive, …oh and did I mention sex? Sex in a parking lot, on the strip, on a hiking trail…it doesn’t matter. They are excited to have an older woman and have the sex drive to prove it!

8.       Energy – Did I mention they never tire? The unfortunate fact is that you do tire.

9.       Safe sex – It is like pulling teeth to get them to wrap that puppy up! Obviously, they did not have quite the HIV scare in sex ed that our generation was taught.

10.   None of it matters if it doesn’t matter to you! I had the summer of my life! I had a great time. Fell in love with yes, of course, a young cub. I took some heat for it. I got a lot of praise for it, but at the end of the day it is your choice.  Do it if it is fun for you!  The cubs helped me find my youth again and jump back into life as a single 40-something woman. 

Follow along on her dating adventures @CryDrinkBang.