This guest blog comes from one of my favorite entrepreneurs.  Heather Wilde was part of the original team at Evernote and is one of the most authentic entrepreneurial leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Today she is part of the ROCeteer team, working to increase the happiness, productivity, impact, and connectedness of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Enjoy!  

I got called out on twitter recently for my feed being slightly schizophrenic:

Well Betty, I wish I could oblige you. One problem with this, though, is that I live and work in the heart of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, Las Vegas – and I love it.

A year ago, I was working for a large Silicon Valley company. I was happily building up the infrastructure of the support team, and training new recruit after new recruit how to “Think Company.” My take on Support is that you are the daily voice of “the Company” directly to the consumer (in a much more active way than marketing), so any employees of a Support organization need to not only understand the core beliefs of the company they work for, they need to live and breathe them.

After 6 years of training people to live and breathe my company, and living by that example, I found that I didn’t actually have a “Heather” anymore. Every other word out of my mouth either *was* my company’s name, or about the people in it, or about the work, or something related to the company in some way. I had no identity outside of the company.

That needed to change, and fast.

I was lucky enough to already be living in Las Vegas, so I stepped outside and had a look around. What I found were groups of people, all at different levels of experience, but all with such an entrepreneurial spirit that I hadn’t seen in years. And the community is so collaborative – everyone truly wants to help each other to be better. I’ve seen such acts of selflessness here that have blown me away. 

Here, in Las Vegas, I could find myself. Here, in Las Vegas, I could build my identity. 

Once I came to that realization, leaving the Company wasn’t hard. I knew that the people and the Company that I love were always going to be there. I was not abandoning anyone. I was merely graduating from that part of my life, and embarking on the next journey.

The power of this entrepreneurial ecosystem is such that now, here, I can be a ROCeteer and Heather, and a Mentor, and a Volunteer, and a …



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