Looking for the one free thing that you can do to grow your audience for you and your brand?  The best thing I have done in the past 30 days is spiff up by about.me profile and actually start using it.  about.me is a cool site that combines the simplicity of instagram with the benefits of LinkedIn.  Since I began engaging with it about a month ago I have watched my organic audience on my blog, my Facebook page, and Twitter feed all increase.  Best of all, it is priced right: free.  Here are some tips to get you going:

*HEADLINE IT: Your headline needs to sum you up.  Mine describes me as a small town girl, which implies that I was raised with old fashioned values and an appreciation for community.  Then I explain that I walk fast, talk fast, and think fast, which implies that I get shit done and stood out in that small town.  Choose your words carefully.

*KEEP IT SHORT: Your bio should be the highlights, rather than in depth like LinkedIn.  I narrowed mine down to four bullet points and a quote.  You want to make it easy for people to engage with you quickly. 

*LINK IT ALL IN: Your profile is the perfect place to drive all of your traffic because the audience can choose which social media community they prefer to connect with you on.  If you are a reader, you will want to follow my blog.  If you are wanting to hire me, you’ll enjoy my LinkedIn.  If you want to experience my sense of humor then Twitter will be for you.  Only list communities that you are truly engaged with on a daily basis.

*SHOW OFF: Choose good photos of you.  It’s about.me- NOT about.you and all your friends.  Use your best head shot and something that shows off your personality.  For me, I am always laughing and I love the photo of me cracking up on New Year’s Eve that a good friend took.  

*ENGAGE: Watch who likes your page and then compliment them back.  If they interest you, suggest a collaboration, which will give you the option to provide them your email.  Whatever you focus on grows, so if you expect to throw up a profile and get something for free, you’re kidding yourself.  Invest the time and you’ll start to build a loyal following.  

*START COLLECTIONS: You can start collections of people.  I’ve got a Twitter, Facebook, dtlv, and Unique collection going, so that I can keep where I met people straight.  It gives me more insight into them than their profiles, so it’s easy to connect the dots.  

Happy about.me’ing my friends!  

Marriages don’t happen overnight and divorces don’t either.  The reality is that relationships take a tremendous amount of work and, in spite of the best efforts of each person, sometimes they just don’t work out.  It’s brutal, it hurts, my entire world is changing and I’ve run the gamut of being excited at the prospect of a future I never imagined before and inconsolable while mourning the future I was so wholeheartedly committed to.  The proclamations I have made in this state have been no less impressive: “I am never getting married.” “I am never dating.” Normally I would never be so bloody ridiculous, but I suppose after eight years of marriage and two children I am entitled to a short bout of temporary insanity.  Here’s how I have been getting through it all.  



I’m Asian, so when Tom’s first launched I thought someone was trying to make a quick buck off my great uncle’s rice paddy shoes that he has been wearing for years.  Honestly I didn’t see myself ever buying them for me until I moved to downtown Las Vegas and all of my wedges and heels were just not practical for long days spent walking from meeting to meeting in the downtown core.  I finally bit the bullet and headed to Nordstrom a few weeks ago to purchase my first pair for $44.95.  

Of course because it is me they had to glitter, they had to be black, and I was kind of sure I might wear them once.  Boy did I have no idea!  I am an addict!  They are my new favorite and I’ve paired them with casual dresses, leggings, and jeans.  I travelled with them and they were easy to slip on and off through security checkpoints.  My black glitter matches everything, so it can go with whatever I have on and I’ve had several compliments on them.  

In addition to being wildly comfortable, they are socially responsible and every pair you buy gets a child in need a pair.  If you’re late to the Toms party like I was, join in and start experiencing the comfort, style, and social responsibility right away!



I have discovered the great mystery as to what makes the perfect client.  Yes, my friends, it is the blog that you have been waiting for.  The key to the universe.  

If I have to tell you what your problem is, you ain’t got no problem.  End of story. The perfect clients in all cases, across all verticals, have to know they have a problem.  If you are too busy living in Willy Wonka land whereby your chocolate is produced without risk, without deficit, and without anything that gives you stress, well you are the holder of the entrepreneurial golden ticket.  Wether your reality is the truth or not is entirely not the point.  If I come into your Willy Wonka land and tell you how the chocolate has high calories or your new concoction might cause a small child to explode, you won’t believe me that the problem requires a solution.  In the same family, if I have to argue with you about what the problem is we should not work together.  

I am a professional problem solver.  It’s what people keep paying me money to do for them and I love it.  Call me a professional mother, a sizzling promoter, or whatever you will, but at the end of the day I solve problems for people from all walks of life.  A talented musician playing coffee shops that needs to get onto the world’s biggest stages?  I have a team for that.  A new application that can’t seem to win over loyal users?  I have a strategy for that.  A global company looking to expand into North America?  I have an expansion plan just for that.  Here is the common thread in every one of those cases: the client knew they had a problem.  I didn’t approach the musicians that relish their coffee shop play time or hit up the app designer who seems satisfied that the only people using his tech is his mom and his best friend.  Those guys are happy.  At the end of the day, I love what I do because I can become a catalyst for change for unhappy people.  

All too often as I have mentored and coached new entrepreneurs who tend to struggle with the people in their life that continue on their daily adventures either oblivious or satisfied with what they have and who they surround themselves with.  Ambitious entrepreneurs and entertainers just can’t seem to understand why their best friend from high school is happy being a manager at Wal Mart while they take on the world.  Back in the day, before life smacked me around and taught me a thing or two, I used to share their frustrations.  I always had a “fix it” friend.  For awhile it was the guy I was dating, then it transitioned to a lawyer friend who could never seem to pass the bar or get her act together.  The cycle continued to repeat itself because I loved being the fixer and I was just sure that if these people in my life could let me make their life decisions for them, they, too, could enjoy the sunlight of success with me.  Never- not one- ever made it.  

In life we have to make our own mistakes and enlightenment only comes to those who have the real life experience that fuels our inner determination and provides the sense of personal reflection necessary to prepare us for success.  If other people have to tell you what your problem is, you ain’t got no problems. Proof that ignorance truly is bliss.  



Our guest blog today comes from Tania Venn, the fabulous public relations lady leader over at You Move Me.  She reached out to share her crush and I had to share it with all of you.  

Recently I fell in love with this hot, new brand, You Move Me, almost instantly, but it’s really not because I work for the company. I’m crazy for it because it’s fresh, innovative, smart, and highly customer-centric – all wrapped up into one amazing company. With a mission statement of “we move you, not just your boxes,” wouldn’t you take a second look?The vision of a world-class, customer-focused moving brand came to entrepreneur Brian Scudamore (who founded the popular 1-800-GOT-JUNK?) during his own experience with moving. Moving can be a tough, emotional time in peoples’ lives, and to mitigate stress, moving professionals must exceed the ordinary standards of their industry and be exceptional.


Having moved myself, more times than I care to remember (and I’m moving April 29th again!), I’m familiar with the sheer hell of organizing kids, partner, pets, and house all the while that I’m still trying to run the household, social and family appointments, and a high-pressure career!

Phew! So this is why I will appreciate You Move Me packing up my family’s belongings, safely moving them, and bringing us all coffee on the morning of the big day!

At the You Move Me conference in March we announced a new program currently being piloted in select cities. It’s called Moving Moments and as the name implies, it involves random acts of kindness on the job. I remember sitting beside our LA franchise partner at the conference and she told me that she believed the Moving Moments program was sure to be a game changer for the company. I agree. Today’s brands must offer a service vastly different and better than their competitors’ offerings. With a couple of years of economic recovery, housing is making a comeback and with it home-service businesses are hot right now. Those companies that’ll rise to the very top – I’m talking household name brands here – must set themselves apart from the traditional, tired, old standbys. Their value proposition must cater to the needs of our market today – and our busy lives.

Hmmm…You Move Me…moving moments….fresh….new….innovative….something different for the moving industry.

Do you want in?  Share this unique franchise opportunity with friends and family. Read more here.



Today I would like to talk about the one feature I am asked the most about: my hair.  Growing up I could never quite get a pony tail figured out because it was so thick and my mom, more practical than a beauty queen type, didn’t know what to do with all of it.  I had my share of horrible hair cuts.  When I was five I was mistaken for a boy.  As in, I was actually mistaken for a boy in a woman’s restroom.  Yup, that wasn’t traumatic at all.  There was  another one I call the bangs from hell.  As an adult it did get better and I tried out blonde highlights, layers, and a variety of looks, but once I started to appreciate the gift that being born with a Cousin It amount of thick, healthy hair is, I decided to grow it all out and celebrate it’s natural black color.  The best lesson I have learned from being both blessed and cursed by this amount of hair is to celebrate what makes you different.  So, allow me to answer some FAQ’s that I get from random strangers:

*What ethnicity are you?  I am a gourmet blend of Japanese, Hawaiian, and English. I don’t know which to credit for what characteristic.  

*How often do you wash it?  About once a week.  Sometimes twice, but it doesn’t get oily and I’m not rolling around in the mud, so it stays soft and clean for a full week.  

*How long does it take to dry?  If I air dry it it can take easily 24 full hours, but if I blow dry it in sections it’s only 2 1/2- 3 hours.  That does NOT include flat ironing.  Flat ironing can add another 90 minutes easily.  

*Do you get headaches?  I don’t.  I think that since I have grown up with this amount of hair my body is just used to the weight.  I love pony tails and casual buns.  

*What products do you use?  I am a Paul Mitchell addict in every way.  I love the entire Awapuhi line because it moisturizes without adding oil.  During the summers when I’m in the pool often I will add some Moroccan Oil to the ends.  I use the Paul Mitchell hair dryer and Chi flat iron.   

*What do stylists say?  I have yet to hear that my hair is not the thickest they’ve ever had to deal with.  It’s two fold because it is so thick and there is just so much of it.  The length just makes it even more overwhelming. For some new stylists just blowing it out can be a cardio training exercise and for experienced stylists that like to play with up do’s, I am a dream client.

*Can I touch it?  Sure, but only if you ask first.  You shouldn’t pet dogs without asking first, so don’t be the creepy lady behind me in Safeway who starts to pet me.  And yes, yes that did really happen.  



I have curves.  I think I’ve had a booty since elementary school and my lady lumps refuse to quit, which can make finding a suitable professional dress that doesn’t make me look like a harlot quite difficult.  It is here!  I have found it!  

Last season I discovered this fabulous Michael Kors dress in a delicious orange color that came in sizes S-XL.  Short, but not too short, it is the most amazing jersey fabric that refuses to wrinkle and shakes out for easy travel.  The sleeves are 3/4, so they cover my curvy arms without being so long that my tan is lost.  The neckline has a looping sailor inspired nautical feel that puts my rack on display without being so low that it’s all anyone can look at.  There is a sash belt that nips you in at the waist to show off your shape and the cut allows you to wear a full coverage bra.  Paired with wedges, a flat gladiator sandal, or flip flops as a beach cover up, this is my new favorite dress for absolutely everything.  So far I have picked up the navy version at Zappos.com and the black and light orange versions at Nordstrom.com.  For under $100, this is a great addition to your wardrobe.  

Cheers to Michael Kors for making the curvy ladies look curvlicious!


PictureThe EGO ladies with our favorite servers

I’m on the plane headed home from my first trip to Atlanta, Georgia and I have fallen head over Southern drawl heels in love with this clean, hospitable, and historic Southern city. Until I get back I have to share some of my favorite experiences.  

*Mary Mac’s Tea Room: We didn’t discover this local landmark until our second day and we enjoyed three decadent meals there before the weekend was over. Everything- literally every last thing- is made from scratch and the prices are ridiculously affordable.  You’re paying breakfast chain prices, but you are diving into the best Chicken Fried Chicken, tomato pie, and sweet potatoes that you are ever had.  Try the meatloaf, sip a Georgia Peach martini, or dive into some fresh peach cobbler.  The best part is the huge amount of history hanging on the walls and the way that the entire team celebrates their staff.  I loved hearing the story of how Mary Mac started this lovely establishment back in 1945 after the war from the proud staff.  Before you leave grab some fresh made pepper sauce and their recipe book.  

*The King Center:  My friend, Sam Collier, grew up in the neighborhood where Martin Luther King, Jr’s Ebenezer Baptist Church is located and getting a tour from him was a spiritual experience.  Sit in the church and listen to one of MLK Jr’s sermons, walk around the well curated rooms at the King Center, or just head across the street to visit Sam’s daddy at the Silver Star barber shop for an authentic fade from a barber who has been in business in the neighborhood for forty years.  While you’re there say hello and ask about Sam’s music career.  

*MJQ Concourse: Atlanta has a variety of fancy nightclubs, but since we have a ton of those in Las Vegas we wanted the authentic Hotlanta hip hop urban experience and we found it at 11:30PM on a Saturday night at MJQ Concourse.  Dress casual, bring cash (they don’t accept debit or credit cards, but drinks are all $4-$6 each), and make sure you spend some time in the smaller hip hop room. Nina and I had a blast learning how to dance properly from some locals to the Jackson Five.  It’s going to be smoky, the bathrooms are going to rival outhouses, but the underground, authentic club is something you have to take in and just enjoy. 

*South City Kitchen: Thanks to the delicious fried chicken dish we made it to this local favorite twice throughout the weekend.  Start with the best fried green tomatoes you have ever eaten in your entire life and proceed to the fried chicken dish with the best collard greens on planet Earth and potatoes that balance it all out.  Splurge by adding a side of macaroni and cheese and, if you aren’t ready to pop by the time it’s all over dive into some buttermilk chocolate cake that will blow your mind.  Prices are very affordable- about $80 for a party of three- and the customer service is impressive. 

*Walk Around Midtown:  In downtown Las Vegas when a guy hits on you as you walk by he will inevitably use some kind of ridiculous amateur grunt or say something brilliant like “oh yeah baby.” Classy.  The culture in Altanta is downright gentlemanly. Everywhere we went we were asked by gentlemen how we were doing, complimented on how lovely we were looking, and- my personal favorite- “you girls are looking right tonight.”  Throughout our six days in Atlanta we didn’t have any moments where we felt unsafe and people of all backgrounds were incredibly friendly.  

*Apache Cafe on Thursday night: The music scene in Atlanta is booming and my friend Cappriccieo Scates wanted to make sure that we experienced the authentic talent living and working in Atlanta.  Writing Sessions of America- Atlanta chapter, led by music industry leader Kevin Shine, does weekly singer songwriter nights that will blow your mind.  Each performer was better than the last and I have no doubt that you are sure to recognize the names of Chel’le, Mylah, and J.Morris soon given their tremendous talent. This isn’t the most glamorous bar, but the customer service is top notch and the music community is warm and welcoming.  Dive in and support some of the local talent before they become household names.  

*The Georgian Terrace:  Our group weighed several options for accommodations, but the Ritz and the Biltmore couldn’t keep up with the Southern Charm of the Georgian Terrace. Our stay was affordable at around $150 per night with a massive room, an even more massive closet, and a bathroom that could easily accommodate the morning routine of three high maintenance ladies.  Even if you don’t stay here make sure you check out P&P in the basement for affordable appetizers, delicious sandwiches and pizza, and a $6 punch that is flat delicious no matter the night. Make sure you take the time to sit in the lobby and just admire the history and care that has gone into this beautiful hotel.

*Buckhead Church: The second largest church in the United States, Buckhead Church is led by Andy Stanley and calls themselves the church for the unchurched.  No matter what your beliefs, you should attend a service- never longer than an hour and half of that is a first class music praise session sure to get you dancing.  The facility is four stories and their philosophy is modern Christianity at it’s best.  The leader of the facility shared that they don’t encourage non believers to dive into the faith, so they have a Starting Point program that guides interested attendees through an 8 week program.  He flat said that they believe that even if you don’t believe you will still be a better person if you live your life according to Christ like principles and the sermon I watched talked about how all Christians need to be accepting and loving towards others.  He didn’t come out and support gay rights, but it was the closest I’ve ever heard in a Southern church.  I recommend it highly.  

Growing up in Washington state I had never spent any time in the South and I confess that I had a preconceived notion that there would be confederate flags everywhere and angry gangsters.  The reality could not possibly be any further from all of that.  Everywhere we went- from upscale hotels to underground hip hop clubs- there was a sense of community pride and the Southern hospitality was warm no matter the demographic.  I left Atlanta impressed, inspired, and ready to come back often.