As I write this I am off on my maiden voyage to Atlanta, where I have been asked to speak at an exciting entrepreneurial conference called Dare 2 Aspire.  It’s a conference known for inspiring entrepreneurs to live their best life and chase their dreams.  I knew I would be speaking months ago and I knew what the topic was shortly thereafter.  You’d think this would mean that I was crystal clear on what I would say.  Riiight.  Clearly this is my first blog that you have read.  Over the course of the last two weeks I have managed to do all kinds of adventurous, exciting things rather than sit my butt down and drill into exactly what it is that would come out of my mouth.  In that stead, I thought I would share them with you because, let’s be honest folks, what I managed to do is far more exciting than speech writing.  

I SLID DOWN A WATER SLIDE THAT WENT THROUGH A SHARK TANK:  My girls had a professional day from school last Thursday and, rather than spending the day working on what I would say to these aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, I got a cabana at the Golden Nugget and spent the day in the 80 degree sunshine sliding down a water slide that actually goes through a shark tank over and over again.  It was beyond cool.  You have to walk up three flights of stairs, so I also got in some much needed cardio and my 4 year old dare devil, Mia, was my enthusiastic partner in crime as we went again and again and…. well, you get the idea.  No, I did not have any billion dollar idea epiphanies as we slid down, but I found my inner courage during the last half and opened my eyes as I slid on by the sharks.  In my mind those sharks were scared of this curvy brunette flying through that tube into their habitat.  Sure, the reality might be that they have seen a million people sliding on by and I’m confident they aren’t terribly impressed, but the entire experience was once in a lifetime for me.  

I WATCHED TED TALKS STREAMED LIVE AT INSPIRE THEATRE:  I figured if I can’t beat em, join em and sat inside the Inspire Theatre in downtown Las Vegas with six or seven other passionate souls as we watched the TED talks streaming live.  In one morning alone I heard Simon Sinek talk about leadership, heard heart felt stories from the California Highway Patrol Guardian of the Golden Gate, and learned about modern parenting concepts that challenged me to stop worrying about wether my children are happy and instead focus on just raising good human beings.  I wish I could tell you that my billion dollar idea came to me there or that I was able to jot down notes for my talk, but neither of those happened.  I took it all in, was wildly inspired to think bigger, and relished soaking up the first class knowledge in such a first class venue that I still can’t believe is located right in my own backyard.  

I WENT TO THE GYM WITH A FELLOW AUTHOR:  You know it’s bad when I choose the elliptical trainer over writing my friends.  It got just that bad, so my friend, soon to be world famous author Aimee Groth, joined me at the gym where we chatted about book proposals, Burning Man, and life over some much needed cardio. Again, I wish I could tell you that this led to a speech writing break through, but it flat did not.  If anything, it reassured me that I was not the only wildly talented individual in my community that doesn’t have it all figured out just yet.  As Aimee shared that she had to make the decision that she was attending Burning Man- just like that she made up her mind that it was going to happen- and then she set about making it so, it reminded me that I needed to get off my ass and decide to make my speech happen.  Well, I also decided that my oldest daughter, Bella the artist, and I are definitely attending Burning Man this August, but it was the reflection upon my own life that I needed.  

Eventually- yes at the midnight hour- I finally wrote my speech and it’s going to be magical, so I will share that with you next week once I have the video, so you can tell me if the midnight hour was the time to write it or if I should quit my day job.  Some days you just don’t wanna and that’s ok.  Somedays you want to slide down a water slide, listen to some TED talks, or hit the gym.  Part of the entrepreneurial leadership journey is embracing those moments and letting them take you where they will.  



I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to experience social media thought leader Brian Solis in person at a PR News social media conference in New York City and one of the statements he made at that time still resonates with me today.  ”Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”  Smart phones have made it easy for us to stay in touch with what is happening on social media, but our desire to showcase our lives and loves in real time is what keeps us addicted.  Recently I have had more “oh hell no” moments than normal on social media, so I thought it best just to include them all in one lovely “put on blast” location.  I considered protecting the names of the innocent, but, let’s be real here: none of these people are innocent. Here are the signs that you are doing social media wrong:  

If the people you are friends with on your personal Facebook page are interested in becoming part of your greatest self army of fans, they will take the extraordinarily easy step of liking it without your tag. Let’s be honest here friends, if you have to tag the people you are friends with in a link begging them in ALL CAPS to ADD YOU, you need new standards for friends in social media communities. Don’t force your business page down the throats of your personal connections.  

Oh honey, everything your mama said about not airing your dirty laundry applies to digital just like it did to your mouth back in the day. No, we don’t want to know that you are dating a dirt bag and no, we most certainly do not want to know when you change your mind and decide that he is back to being prince charming.  God forbid you are old enough to have procreated and have children involved- of any age- we absolutely do not want to observe as you put whatever dead beat ex on blast for their lack of parental abilities. Just last week I watched a vlog on dead beat dads where the grown woman swore she would never bad mouth her dead beat ex to her kids, but here she is on social media for all to see doing just that? Apparently she forgets that once it is out there, it is out there forever ever and the likelihood that her children will someday have the ability to google is fairly high.  

The other day I was in my lovely nail salon when some woman threatened to go “all over Facebook and tell everyone she knew” if she didn’t get a discount.  From what I could tell of the situation she had received an excellent service at a reasonable price and was trying to high jack the modern standards of commerce by blackmailing the nail salon.  Social media is not a weapon to be wielded as you see fit to get discounts on services.    

I get it. You signed up for XYZPDQ multi level marketing system because it is going to change your life and the rest of us clearly don’t understand/appreciate/comprehend how we are missing out on all of the lovely benefits of buying into a becoming a multi level marketing zombie just like you. I get that it is impossible for you to have any conversation in real life without carrying on about how charmed your new XYZPDQ multi level marketer life is, but I am going to challenge you for just a moment to try to assume that every single one of your friends in every single one of your social media networks does NOT need what you are selling.  You’re gob smacked.  I can see it from here.  Get over it.  Try an update about your perfect children, adorable cat, or rotten ex.  

As you can see I posted a photo on Instagram of myself and two entrepreneur friends at the Las Vegas Metro chamber of commerce lunch, to which the random stranger with Plan for Greatness as their handle felt compelled to spam me with their comment. Nothing says trust and engagement like a random comment on my photo, right?  The chances that I would trust these jokers to help me discover the success within me is absolutely zero. Yes, they are doing it all wrong.  If you want to use social media the right way- wether for personal or business use- you need to get to know people, invest in creating quality content, and engage with them before you ask them for anything.  Otherwise, you are just flat doing it wrong.  


PictureCaleb and I- Healthy Selfie- LOL!

About 90 days ago I introduced all of you to my neighbor and bestie, Caleb, who had decided to change his life.  Over the last 90 days he has lost 70lbs, gotten committed to the gym, and has been using social media as his accountability partner.  Watching this transformation in real life every day has been inspirational because Caleb is up early every morning, in the gym, cooking and eating healthy.  His 3 healthy living tips for you are: 1. Snack for success 2.Drink a ton of water  3. Don’t be married to the scale  Personally, my favorite is his mantra “Defy them all!”.  In case you missed his first video, you can find it here and you can follow along on his journey on his Instagram here or Twitter here.  Huge congrats to my handsome healthy neighbor and cheers to healthy living!



We all have them. The people in your life that have nothing to say but negative. It could be a family member, a frenemy, or a well intentioned neighbor. In as much as we all have them, I think we all struggle with where the critics belong in your life. I have spent equal parts of my life struggling with caring what the critics think and trying to convince myself that I was above them without caring. During a recent conversation with a friend, she mentioned that I had to watch this speech because it was going to change my life. Dang it, my friend nailed it. This is easily one of my favorite speeches of all time.  I had to share it and I hope you, too, will find that it helps you to find the place where your critics should live along your entrepreneurial journey.  Cheers to going to great places friends!  




I have a confession.  My husband used to shave and clean dirty pussy for a living. Yup, insert laughter here.  I was the only woman I knew who could say all of the things you are thinking right now when random strangers would ask what he did for a living.  Dwayne was Mr. Meow, the feline spa master cat groomer, and he was actually really good at it.  As a Certified Feline Master Groomer, the man can remove the oil from your dirty kitty or shave the mats off into a lion cut, so that kitty becomes a ferocious lion with precision. 

Dwayne has had three successful careers in his life: an oil project manager, a master cat groomer, and videographer, but Mr. Meow is the one I love to share because it always throws people off.  Yes, it is because it allows me to say things I would never normally be able to say and has made more than one conservative business friends blush.  In the spirit of his history as a pussy shaver I just had to share this video about a new pet product that can help you bath your dog or clean up your dirty pussy.  LOL!