Today’s blog comes from my good friend Tami Belt, my good friend and communications guru, who shares why November is all about being thankful.  Enjoy mean girls!

I am thankful to have met so many incredible people on my journey.  Each year I reflect on those who have crossed my path.  Some walk beside me, some stop by to teach a lesson and others deliver doses of inspiration, encouragement or insight.

Everyone we encounter makes an impression. Whether or not they become a part of our daily lives, the memory of their impact remains.

I have invited a few people who have made a lasting impression on me to share a little advice that has influenced them.  I hope reading this will make a positive impression.


Bill Strickland is a social architect, visionary and community leader who built Manchester Bidwell Corporation to help the disadvantaged with a box of slides and a TED talk.  Bill asked about my favorite jazz artists over lunch at Fast Company magazine’s Community at Work Summit in Denver years ago.  After lunch on the lawn, he took the stage and shared stories about Dizzy and other jazz legends.  I felt humbled and truly inspired by his work.

As evidenced by a recent article in the London Financial Times, it is obvious Bill Strickland continues to follow best advice he received:

Pursue the thing that makes you the most excited about living.

In turn, he continues to inspire by offering, and living the best advice he gives:

Never give up on your vision of how to live a life of hope and possibility.

Since the day I met him, I imagine the possible impact he could have in Las Vegas.  I hope he visits soon . . . and brings his box of slides.


Solveig Raftery is my hero!  She hates when I say that . . . oh well, my blog, my rules.

Because she listened to the advice of her parents

 You can be whoever you want to be, just work hard and don’t give up

Solveig is the most successful and respected PR professional I know.  She launched The Firm Public Relations and Marketing twenty years ago and has never looked back.  She is also a loving mother and wife.

What I respect most about Solveig is that she walks the talk. This is evident in the advice she gives others:

Don’t sweat the small stuff…let that go and see the big picture.

 Thanks to the best advice she ever gave me, I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Despite being extremely busy, she called me every day when I was in depression and told me to “get up, get dressed and get out of the house!”(Her delivery was bit more colorful.)  I am forever grateful for her friendship and support.


I met Terrie Bergman more than 18 years ago when we volunteered on the founding Board of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  I was working at St. Rose Dominican Hospital and brought them on as the first corporate sponsor of the inaugural Race for the Cure held at the Galleria Mall in Henderson. She is a trusted scientific palm reader, friend and kindred spirit.

The best advice Terrie received was:

 Save money for a rainy day.

Taking this advice to heart, she has manifested abundance in many areas.  Terrie enjoys a life enriched with friends, family, love and laughter.   The best advice she shares with everyone:

                                    Trust yourself.

If we can’t trust ourselves, whom can we trust?  Exactly!


Bill Jensen is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author whose books offer advice and insight about how to work smarter, not harder, and get stuff done.  I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Bill through Fast Company magazine.  He asked readers to share what really matters for his book What is your life’s work?

Even though Bill has interviewed and surveyed hundreds of thousands of in people while writing his books, the best advice he received was


Bill explained that silence created the space for him to figure things out on his own.  While many people have created this space over the years, he shared a story from his youth:

“A perfect example is something my mom did for me. Ninth grade, I tried to prove myself a man. Drank two six-packs of beer. While stumbling around town, fell into the bumper of a moving car. Landed in the hospital with both a concussion and one helluva hangover. Mom was there, holding my hand throughout. Next day, I waited for the punishment to come. Figured I’d be grounded for life. No punishment. Hmmmm, surely it’s gotta be coming during the next few days?!  Still, no punishment. Surely it’s gotta be coming! The very first time Mom ever mentioned what I had done was SIX YEARS LATER, when we were both finally able to laugh about it. What I eventually realized is that my mom was reallllllly smart. She figured out that the best punishment was me ANTICIPATING the punishment. I also realized something else: That her way of teaching me and giving me advice was to give me the space and time and resources and love and support I needed to figure things out on my own.”

The best advice Bill has given is:


While Bill claims he is not as smart as skilled as his mom, he is wise enough to realize it simply works.  I know, he gave me the space I needed to edit my submission for his book.


Krista Whitley Castellarin and I serendipitously collided at a Downtown Speaker Series.  The initial collision was facilitated by a guy named Tiger.  She handed me the coolest business card ever and we soon connected over a conversation about how we planned to change the world.

The best advice Krista received was a Facebook message from a mentor during one of her darkest, loneliest moments on her entrepreneurial journey:

Never forget that it is darkest before the dawn.

Krista is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met because she is wiling to openly share her lessons on the road to success.  Few are brave and honest enough to candidly and enthusiastically share their failures.

The best advice Krista has shared was with an artist friend who asked a random question:

“Recently one of my artists asked me why I married my husband and how I knew he was the one.  It was a random question during a business conversation, but it struck me and I was able to recall, as if it were yesterday, that I knew he was the one because he made me a better me.  It was just that simple and I shared it, “Marry the person who builds you up, who helps you to be the best you that you can be.”  I disagree that the decision of who you marry is the most important decision you will make in life because I fall into the camp that what you choose to do every day with your life is the most important, but I do know that I am a better human being, a better friend, a better daughter, mother, and a better woman because I married a man who encourages me, calls me on my bull shit, and is my safe place to fall no matter how my day goes.”

Krista’s generosity and honesty continues to been a source of inspiration and encouragement.  I am grateful to be included in her inner circle.  The best advice she has given me is to stop doing business the old fashioned way. Even though I’m still processing this advice, I know it will help propel me forward.  If you want a daily dose of inspiration, you can follow Krista on Twitter on @MeanKrista or on Facebook @TheMeanGirls.


Anna Siefert is a champion of entrepreneurs.  She remains dedicated to helping individuals launch their business and succeed.  The best advice Anna received was:
Before you make a decision about anything, think about the people.  How will anything I do will impact:  – community – friends – family
The best advice she gives is: Don’t run after the money.  Do the right thing and the money will follow.

I have always known in my heart that this is true.  I am grateful for Anna’s invitations to share my knowledge, expertise and stories on panels she organizes for entrepreneurs.

Since everyone wasn’t able to contribute this time, stay tuned as I plan on sharing more of the best advice given and received by friends, colleagues and mentors in future blogs.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Be Well.  Visit Tami at: 1 Blue Cube or follow her on twitter.